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Catastrophic Loss

When most people think catastrophic property loss, they think of major weather issues such as hurricanes in Florida, Louisiana and the Gulf Coast; tornados, wind and hail in the Midwest or earthquakes on the West Coast. But one type of property loss that is not selective about what season it is or where in the […]

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Playground Safety

Over 200,000 children are treated annually in hospital emergency rooms from injuries sustained on playgrounds. Each year approximately 15 children die as a result of head injuries. Most of the time, the accident could have been prevented. Playground safety is particularly relevant to churches. The majority of churches maintain a playground for children that are […]

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Crisis Management and Emergency Response

Crisis Management and Emergency Response A crisis is considered any unstable or crucial timebor event that disrupts and changes normal church or school operations. A crisis may also be considered a state of affairs in which a decisive change is impending. The level of the crisis may vary. A significant crisis can disrupt church or […]

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COPPER—A wave of crime

Churches are being hit with a huge crime wave. Air conditioning units are being targeted for thieves to take the copper off the unit and sell it for scrap. This is a result of copper prices reaching all time highs. Thieves are getting more inventive by posing as construction or repair workers, which doesn’t cause […]

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Cell Phones & Texting while driving

Current state driving law highlights include the following: Handheld Cell Phone Bans for All Drivers: 6 states (California, Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, Oregon and Washington), the District of Columbia and t he Virgin Islands prohibit all drivers from talking on handheld cell phones while driving. Starting 2010 three additional states, Oregon, Illinois and New Hampshire, […]

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Stained Glass—Life Long Sparkle and Shine

Stained glass windows are the focal point of many sanctuaries. They may incorporate narratives from the bible, history, or literature; they may represent saints or patrons. They can be found in a variety of colors, patterns and textures. Stained glass windows can also be one of the most valuable assets of the church. While stained glass windows are […]

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